Spider-Man: No Way Home – Spoiler Talk!

31st December 2021

After a longer than intended hiatus we are back! Join us as we dive into the film we've all been waiting for - Spider-Man: No Way Home! Plus we talk about some of our favourite Films and TV shows of 2021. We did experience some technical issues during this episode with Matt's mic cutting out.
Episode 53: GODZILLA vs. KONG + Black Widow, Loki & TFATWS

7th April 2021

We turn our attention to the heavyweight fight of the year: Godzilla vs. Kong! We also check out the latest trailers from the MCU and also talk about what we think of The Falcon and the Winter Solider so far...
Episode 52: Best B-Movies! (Llamageddon & Robot Overlords)

31st March 2021

A huge left turn from the grand Snyder Cut epic we covered last week, this week we take a look at some diamonds in the rough of the B-movie classics. We take a look at Robot Overlords & Llamageddon, easily some of the best movies we've seen this year!
Episode 51: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

24th March 2021

After years of speculation and months of waiting the Snyder Cut is finally here and we waste no time waiting to watch it! How different was this compared to the original 2017 release and was this film worth the wait? Join us as we dive into this four hour epic.
Episode 50: Our 50th Episode Special !!!

Wednesday 17th March 2021

WE MADE IT! Thanks to all of you we made it to our 50th EPISODE! We're so happy and thankful to everybody who listen to our ramblings every week and have helped us do this every week for almost a year! So this week we turned to you guys for our topic. We look at the 50th episode of a selection of random TV shows chosen by YOU, the listeners. We wish we had time to look at all the suggestions but we hope these 6 will do for now.
Episode 49: WandaVision Season Review!

Wednesday 10th March 2021

We're really excited this week to finally review WandaVision! The beginning of the next phase in the MCU. We take a look back at all the episodes and also discuss what implications this will have on the future of phase four!
Episode 48: *Spaceman Special* (Interstellar & The Martian)

3rd March 2021

We head into SPAAACE this week looking at each others recommendations of The Martian & Interstellar. Which is better? lets find out...
Episode 47: Snowpiercer Movie & ‘Sorry to Bother You’ + More!

24th February 2021

We take a look at the movie Snowpiercer this week thanks to a fan suggestion! If you have suggestions for future episodes drop us a message on social media!
Episode 46: Back to the Future (Trilogy) & New Snyder Cut Trailer!

17th February 2021

By popular demand and thanks to your votes over on our Twitter page this week we cover the remarkable Back to the Future! not 1, not 2, but the entire trilogy! plus we got some juicy news this week in the form of new casting news for upcoming shows and of course the first official trailer for Zach Snyder's Justice League!
Episode 45: Superbowl 2021 Trailers & Deadpool Review!

10th February 2021

Some big new trailer releases this week with the 2021 Super Bowl giving us a small but strong set of trailers, news on this plus our review of Ryan Reynolds' magnum opus; Deadpool. All this & more in this week's Geek Vault!
Episode 44: Happy Death Day, Snyder Cut, MCU & More!

3rd February 2021

This week we take a look at the time loop slasher movie Happy Death Day, the only thing we're missing is the cake! We also take a look at the latest developments in the MCU world and the latest updates from the Snyder Cut plus more!
Episode 43: Outside the Wire, Mute, Kong v Godzilla Trailer, & much more!

27th January 2021

This week we look at 2 Netflix original movies, the first being the brand new 'Outside the Wire' and the other being 'Mute'. The boys disagree this week on which is good or bad whilst also looking at the big new trailers of the week. Enjoy!
Episode 42: Should you wait to watch WandaVision?

20th January 2020

The wait is finally over as the MCU finally returns to the small screen! This week we take a look at the first two episodes of the new Disney+ show Wandavision. The show is airing weekly, but would it have been more enjoyable if all episodes were released at once...?
Episode 41: Who thought Songbird was a good idea for a movie?

13th January 2021

After taking a look back at 2020 last week we decide to look at a movie that did the same. Songbird is based 3 years from now in a world where we are still suffering from this pandemic, is it good or is this "gimmick" all it has? Let find out...
Episode 40: The Best & Worst of 2020 !!!

6th January 2021

Happy New Year! This week we reign in 2021 by taking a look back at some of the Best & Worst movies and TV shows 2020 could offer up. Plus we touch on what we're looking forward to in 2021.
Episode 39: End of 2020 & Wonder Woman 1984

30th December 2020

In our final episode of 2020 we finally get to watch Wonder Woman 1984, but Matt's not the film's biggest fan...
Episode 38: The Santa Clause!

23rd December 2020

With Christmas right around the corner, this week we take a look at The Santa Clause Trilogy to help get us in the Xmas spirit!

We'd also like to wish our fantastic listeners a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a much better 2021!
Episode 37: Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE – BONUS EPISODE!

20th December 2020

With a jam packed week before Christmas we are SO excited to finally see the epic finale to Season 2 of The Mandalorian. So much so we thought it needed Its own entire episode to cover.
Consider this our Christmas gift to you guys, Enjoy!
Episode 36: Big Disney Announcements, Home Alone + Mandalorian

16th December 2020

We've got a jammed packed episode for you this week! We take a look at the big announcements coming out from Disney Investor Day which include multiple new Star Wars and Marvel TV shows coming to Disney+ in the next few years! Plus we take a look at one of Dan's favourite Christmas movies Home Alone and also discuss the latest episode of The Mandalorian!
Episode 35: 1st Christmas Movie of the year! + More Mandalorian

09th December 2020

This week we get stuck into the Christmas Spirit with 'Jingle All The Way' Matt's movie of choice this week whilst we eagerly await Dan's choice for next week. Plus as always were back with the latest exciting Mandalorian episode & HBO Max 2021 News!
Episode 34: Live-Action Ashoka is BADASS!! + 1st time watching Karate Kid

02nd December 2020

This week we're super excited to see Ashoka Tano in real life for the first time! Plus Matt finds out that Dan has never seen the original Karate Kid, so after forcing him to watch it is curious to know what he thinks of this classic movie. A lot of excitement this week, Hope you enjoy!
Episode 33: Stormtroopers still useless? + Upgrade Review

25th November 2020

We dive into Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian as Din reunites with some old friends, but this episode leaves Dan wondering, why are the Stormtroopers so useless? Plus we also take a look at the cyberpunk action film Upgrade and round up the latest geeky news and trailer releases including Tom and Jerry!
Episode 32: Apex, Mandalorian, Live-action Tom & Jerry!?

18th November 2020

Mandalorian is back for another great episode! Plus we talk about our Apex Legends addiction now its come to Steam and the whispering of a live-action Tom & Jerry movie!
Episode 31: VERY NICE! Or is it?

11th November 2020

This week the guys look at the latest Borat movie to see if this 'franchise' holds up after years of silence, and of course continue to enjoy the latest season of the Mandalorian!
Episode 30: Wait, What Reveal? (The Mandalorian; S2 E1)

04th November 2020

Now that Halloween is over Dan and Matt turn their attention to The Mandalorian, with the new season airing weekly we'll be bringing you our weekly reaction to each episode starting today with our thoughts on the season 2 premiere: The Marshal!
Episode 29: It Follows & Don’t Breath (Halloween Special Part 2)

28th October 2020

Happy Halloween Everybody! The final in our 2-parter Halloween Special! This week the boys take a look at some good horror movies after the bad taste last weeks movies left. Will these be any better? Lets find out....
Episode 28: Countdown & The Bye-Bye Man (Halloween Special Part 1)

21st October 2020

Dan & Matt get spooky in part 1 of our 2-part Halloween special! This week we talk about some terrible horror movies. Dan recommended 'Countdown' and Matt suggested 'The Bye Bye Man'. This week we dive into both so you don't have to, and pray things cant get any worse...
Episode 27: THE BOYS Season 2 Review (Ft. Alix)

14th October 2020

After a looong wait the boys finally talk about 'The Boys' Season 2, and what a season it is. To tackle this we bring back our guest star Alix as we talk about the finale, the shows future, the season itself, and much more!
Episode 26: Among Us, Green Lantern, & More…

07th October 2020

A short but sweet episode this week as the boys talk about Among Us, the latest craze sweeping gaming. Green Lantern, the movie that almost killed the superhero genre. Plus a host of other terrible movies terrible b-movies, and recent cinema closure news...
Episode 25: The Babysitter

30th September 2020

This week we stay on the Netflix train as we take a look at The Babysitter. A film Dan really enjoys and one he's keen for Matt to watch, but will opinion differ? Plus we have your round up of the latest some superhero news in this week's Geek Vault Podcast!
Episode 24: The Devil All The Time

23rd September 2020

After watching the latest movie out in the cinema its time to take it back to the small screen and tackle Netflix's new acclaimed drama 'The Devil All The Time'. Hear our thoughts and be sure to let us know yours for this weeks Geek Vault Podcast!
Episode 23: ꓕƎNƎꓕ

16th September 2020

After months of isolation the boys finally reunite for a long overdue cinema trip to see the highly anticipated Tenet! We review the film and talk about our experience visiting the cinema for the first time since March. Is Tenet the right film to get people going back to the cinema?
Episode 22: Avengers, Lucifer, Mission Impossible, & More…

09th September 2020

This week a casual episode as Dan & Matt chat games from Avengers to Fall Guys, plus movie & TV talk including the latest Lucifer & all the Mission Impossible movies!
Episode 21: THE BOYS Season 1 (Guest Starring: Alix)

02nd September 2020

We can't wait for the release of The Boys S2, so this week we take a look back at S1 to get us prepared but in order to do so, we recruit our very own Hughie, AKA Alix who's a big fan of the show!
Episode 20: The DC Fandome! (Snyder Cut, Batman, & More!)

26th August 2020

This week we're celebrating 20 episodes of The Geek Vault! What better way to celebrate than with a huge geek event, the DC Fandome! We talk about the panels, the news, the trailers, and our HUGE excitement for the new Batman, the highly anticipated Snyder Cut, and MUCH more...
Episode 19: Justice League

19th August 2020

The finale of our deep dive into the DCEU movies, we rip apart Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon's 2017 Justice League movie. This movie is all over the place and so is this podcast trying to explain and make sense of this chaos. We hope you enjoy and let us know what movie series you want us to do next...
Episode 18: Lockdown Gaming!

12th August 2020

This week we decide to change things up by diving back into the world of gaming! Talking about some new releases (Death Stranding), some old (Blair Witch Project), and a great 2-player game we've been playing over the last few weeks (A Way Out). + some banter about the latest news & developments from the gaming world!
Episode 17: The Old Guard

05th August 2020

In this week's episode, Dan and Matt review the Netflix Original film The Old Guard but is the film trying too hard to set up a sequel? We also round up the latest game news from the Xbox games showcase.
Episode 16: Comic-Con@Home 2020

29th July 2020

This week the biggest geek event of the year happened, online. Comic-Con 2020 was hosted entirely online this year due to current circumstances and we dive into the lot! So this week we bring you all the biggest news and announcements from this weekends Comic-Con streams. Get cozy, cos there's a lot to get excited for!
Episode 15: Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

22nd July 2020

This week we reached out to you to vote on our episode topic and you chose Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, a film Matt has been keen to avoid and Dan keen to watch and always a few news stories.
Episode 14: SHUDDER – The Home of Horror

15th July 2020

This week Dan & Matt take a look at the rising popular horror streaming platform SHUDDER. Some movies are good, bad, or just plain old spooky. Enjoy our discussions about some of the best & worst SHUDDER has to offer & if we'd recommend it for you!
Episode 13: The Last Of Us Part 2 (Ft. Dan)

08th July 2020

We welcome back Dan Davies in this week's episode as we talk about a game dividing opinions for its story choices, The Last Of Us Part 2, and Matt rounds up the latest geek news you might have missed!
Episode 12: UPLOAD

01st July 2020

This week Dan convinces Matt to take a look at a new Amazon Prime comedy called 'Upload', Matts a bit hesitant about it. Will we butt heads or will we both love it? We also touch on the new Batman rumours + The Boys season 2 announcement!
Episode 11: Batman v Superman

24th June 2020

This week we're continuing our look back on the DCEU with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition). Is this where the problems started for the DC extended universe?
Episode 10: The PS5 Reveal Event!

17th June 2020

We celebrate our 10 Episode Milestone this week! We're so happy and thankful to have made it this far with the show! So to celebrate we take things in a different nerdy direction, talking about our top 5 video games & the big news about the Playstation 5 reveal...
Ep9 Space force and man of steel

10th June 2020

This week we take a look at the new Netflix Original series Space Force and excited by the news of the Snyder Cut also start taking a look back at the DC Extended Universe starting with Man of Steel.
Ep8 Arrowverse

3rd June 2020

Today we bring on our first guest Dan Davies to the show to talk about the DC Arrowverse. We go through how we felt about the recent crossover event as well as what we think of the shows to date.
Episode 7 pulp fiction

27th May 2020

We round up the latest geek news including the announcement of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. We also discuss the classic film Pulp Fiction, which before this episode, Dan had never seen!
Episode 6 Who are we

20th May 2020

Today's episode is a little different, we decided to reach out to you guys for talking points, questions, & suggestions. We got a great handful of responses so we go over some of those topics today. We hope you enjoy!
Ep5 Mandalorian

13th May 2020

After what feels like an eternity, we finally get to watch The Mandalorian! The new Star Wars show that has put Disney+ on the map. Plus as always some of this week's news and more loveable banter!
Episode 4 - Knives out and extraction

6th May 2020

We take a look at the latest Netflix original starring Chris Hemsworth, Extraction! Can you guess who loves this film more, Dan or Matt? Plus we also watch Knives Out!
Episode 3 The Tiger King

29th April 2020

This week we take a look at The Invisible Man, plus we also binge-watch the latest Netflix show which the internet can't stop talking about, Tiger King!
Ep2 Code 8

22nd April 2020

Welcome back to The Geek Vault! This week we round up the latest film news, Matt gives his thoughts on Jexi and we review Code 8 which is now available on Netflix (UK).
Episode 1 Into the Vault

15th April 2020

Welcome to the very first episode of The Geek Vault! In our first episode, Dan and Matt discuss how they've been adjusting to life under lockdown, round up the latest movie news, and hand out some film recommendations to help you get through the lockdown.