Episode 50

Episode 50: Our 50th Episode Special !!!
Our 50th Episode Special !!!

Wednesday 17th March 2021

WE MADE IT! Thanks to all of you we made it to our 50th EPISODE! We're so happy and thankful to everybody who listen to our ramblings every week and have helped us do this every week for almost a year! So this week we turned to you guys for our topic. We look at the 50th episode of a selection of random TV shows chosen by YOU, the listeners. We wish we had time to look at all the suggestions but we hope these 6 will do for now.


4:54 - Smallville
14:03 - Sopranos
22:12 - Supernatural
27:28 - 90’s Animated Spider-Man
35:16 - Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary)
45:38 - Wrap-Up